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Data Science Course with Placement: Your Career to Success


Data Science Course with Placement: Your Career to Success


Data Science Course with Placement

The field of data science has evolved with the change in technology and it has proved to be beneficial for several industries. As organizations are growing,

they need professionals who can get valuable information from the data. A Data Science Course with Placement is a perfect option for those who want to have a smooth transition to a promising career.

What is Data Science?

Data science is the study to extract useful information from the data for the business. It is a multi-disciplinary approach that utilizes principles and practices from several fields like computer engineering, artificial intelligence, mathematics, statistics, advanced analytics, specialized programming, and many more. The analysis generated from using the above practices helps data scientists to answer specific questions like what happened, why it happened, what will happen, etc.

Future of data science

Although, artificial intelligence and machine learning are capable of handling and processing data quickly and efficiently. Despite this, there is a need for trained data scientists having cross-functional skillsets and expertise. Their demand is estimated to show strong growth in the coming few decades.

Why Data Science Course with Placement?

Data science course with placement is essential considering the demand of a competitive job market which gives significant importance to practical skills along with theoretical knowledge. Opting for a data science course with placement offers several advantages:

  1. Direct industry connections: You will have the opportunity to interact with professionals in the field of data science. The partnership of an institute with companies, elevates the chances of getting more job opportunities.
  2. Enhanced skillset and confidence: The involvement in actual data projects during placement will not only increase your skills to handle the project but also increases your confidence to apply for the next better job opportunity.
  3. Job placement assistance: The institute conveys the students about job openings. Along with this, the students also get assistance in preparing for an interview and creating an expressive resume.
  4. Practical Application of knowledge: Institute focuses on courses with placement targets knowledge inculcation using real-world scenarios so that the students can be prepared for their first job before completing the studies.
  5. Competitive edge: The data science job market is competitive. Anyone having placement experience will be preferred over candidates having only theoretical knowledge. Moreover, employers also want to recruit candidates who can hit the ground running.

Career prospects after completing data science course

  1. Data scientist: Analyzes huge datasets to determine patterns and trends for making informed decisions for an organization.
  2. Data engineer: Collect, maintain, and process data for creating data pipelines and databases.
  3. Business analyst: Uses data to determine opportunities for growth, provide useful insights for strategic planning, and improve overall efficiency.
  4. Machine learning engineer: Focuses on creating and using machine learning algorithms and models. The primary aim is to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the models.
  5. Big data analyst: Processes and analyzes massive data set to uncover meaningful insights.
  6. AI research scientist: focuses on creating new algorithms and advances theoretical foundation.
  7. Consultant or freelancer: You can work independently as a freelancer on a contract basis, taking care of data-related projects.

Why a Data Science Course at Envision Learning?

At Envision Learning, you will acquire both practical and theoretical knowledge of data science. You will be working on projects that include solving industry-related problems, designing predictive models, and analysing real datasets.

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