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Course Content

Program Offers

  • An essential Quality Assurance training with Domain and Technology knowledge from instructors who have 12+ years of industry experience with certifications in ISTQB, CSTB, CSTE,
  • Training on weekends (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Number of Hours in training: 38 hours
  • Number of hours in Mock interview preparation: 10-15 hours
  • Resume and cover letter preparation assistance
  • LinkedIn profile touch ups
  • Job placement preparation including Mock Interviews

Module 1: Overview on Software Testing & Automation

  • What is Software testing?
  • Ways of Software Testing
  • Challenges in Manual testing
  • Use of automation Testing
  • Tools for Automation Testing
  • What is Selenium?
  • Features of Selenium
  • Limitations in Selenium
  • Types of Automation tools & Framework
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) concepts

Module 2: Java Basics

  • Introduction to Programming
  • Download and install Java
  • Setup Java Environment
  • Download and install Eclipse
  • How to use Eclipse
  • Basic Java Program
  • Compile and run a Java program
  • Understanding console output
  • Java Variables and Data Types
  • Java Operators
  • Conditional statements
  • Looping statements
  • Single Dimensional array
  • Double Dimensional array
  • Object class
  • String Class
  • String methods

Module 3: Java OOPs Concepts

  • Classes and Objects
  • Java methods
  • Passing parameters to the methods
  • Call by value and call by reference
  • Java Constructor
  • Method Overloading
  • Constructor Overloading
  • this, final keywords
  • Static variables and methods
  • Java Inheritance
  • Method Overriding
  • Java Interfaces
  • Access Modifiers
  • Java Packages
  • Exception Handling
  • Array List
  • Hash Map
  • JDBC

Module 4: Selenium WebDriver

  • Download WebDriver API
  • Create WebDriver Project in Eclipse
  • Create WebDriver test case
  • Execute test case on multiple browsers
  • Locators
  • What are locators? Types of Locators, Capturing Xpath on IE, Chrome and Firefox
  • browsers, Types Xpath, Writing Xpath, Built-in functions in XPath, Handling Dynamic
  • elements using Xpath
  • WebDriver commands, Browser commands, Get commands, Switching commands,
  • Navigation commands, Conditional commands, Implicit, Explicit and Fluent Waits
  • Handling Web Elements, Textbox/Input box, Web Button, Radio Button, Checkbox,
  • Dropdown box/Combo box, Bootstrap dropdown, List box, Calendar/Date Picker, Web
  • Links, HTML frames/Iframe, Web/HTML Tables
  • Mouse actions using Actions class, Mouseover, Mouse double click, Mouse right Click,
  • Drag and Drop, Handling Slider/scroll bar, Resizing, Handling Tooltips
  • AutoIT tool/Robot Class, what is Auto IT and its usage, Download and install AutoIT,
  • Creating and compiling Auto IT Scripts, AutoIT integration with Selenium, File Upload
  • and Download

Module 5: Data Driven Testing using Excel

  • What is data driven testing?
  • Usage of Apache POI API
  • Read data from Excel file
  • Write data into Excel file
  • Data Driven Testing using Excel

Module 6: TestNG

  • What is TestNG
  • Install TestNG in Eclipse
  • How to write TestNG Test case
  • Annotations in TestNG
  • Understanding testng.xml
  • TestNG Report
  • Prioritizing tests
  • dependsOnMethods
  • Skipping tests
  • Grouping methods
  • TestNG batch testing
  • Parameterization
  • Passing parameters using xml
  • Parallel testing
  • Data Provider
  • TestNG Listeners

Module 7: Advanced Concepts

  • Extent Reports
  • Capturing Screenshots
  • Log4j for logging
  • Page Object Model – Creating Page objects
  • Handling cookies
  • Using options in Selenium
  • Setting up Browser Profiles

Module 8: Maven Integration with Selenium

  • What is Maven and Why Maven?
  • Installing/Configuring Maven
  • Creating Maven Project
  • Importing Maven Project into Eclipse
  • What is POM.xml?
  • Adding Dependencies to POM.xml

Module 9: Automation Framework

  • What is Framework?
  • Types of Frameworks
  • Prerequisites for designing frameworks
  • Implementation of Hybrid Framework
  • Creating Maven Project, Update pom.xml with dependencies, Creating page objects and
  • Object repository, Creating a base class files, Creating utility files, Setting up
  • configuration files, Creating automation test scripts, Creating data driven test scripts,
  • Generating extent reports, Generating logs using log4j, Execute test scripts using TestNG
  • XML File, Emailing test reports, Execute test scripts through Maven CLI, Execute test
  • scripts using bat file

Module 10: Continuous Integration (CI) – Maven, Jenkins & GIT, SVN

  • What is Jenkins and its advantages
  • Jenkins Setup and Installation
  • Jenkins administration & Configuration
  • Configuring Jenkins Security
  • Jenkins Plugins management
  • What is Git and GitHub
  • Jenkins Git integration
  • Maven Jenkins configuration
  • Building a freestyle project using Jenkins
  • Building a remote project using Git and Jenkins
  • Jenkins scheduling test build on a Git RepositorySetup SVN

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