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Business Analyst Course and Certification

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Business Analyst Course and Certification: Exploring the Route to Success

If you are someone who has an interest in business analytics and desires to pursue a career in business analyst, then you must explore the certification courses available for entry-level professionals.

Most of the time, employers have the requirement that the candidate should have a bachelor’s or higher degree in business analysis along with certification. These certifications and courses are quite helpful to beginners to serve as foundation-level credentials for the career path.

We must understand what is business analyst…

Business analysts are the people who assist the business in improving the products, services, processes, and software with the help of data analysis. In short, business analysts help to determine the areas that can be improved in terms of processes and efficiency. They work closely in coordination with people throughout the hierarchy and communicate the findings from time to time.

Business analyst vs data analyst

Both business analysts and data analysts help in data-driven decisions for an organization. The only difference is that the business analysts focus on making recommendations to the business needs and the data analysts focus on working with data only.

How to become a business analyst

In order to become a business analyst, one must have the necessary skills as well as credentials in order to work in the desired industry.

  1. Improve business analyst skills: Some of the skills that you should have to become a business analyst are:

    1. Business acumen: A strong understanding of the business principles and areas, like finance, marketing, operations, accounting, etc, will help to understand the problems prevailing and the way to resolve them.
    2. Data analysis: You should be able to gather, track, and assess the performance metrics. For this, you must have a good knowledge of visualization tools, like Excel, Tableau, and many more.
    3. Communication: A business analyst would have to communicate with several business stakeholders from time to time, both verbally and in writing.
    4. Industry expertise: Industry expertise helps to give you a competitive edge when applying for a vacant position because every industry has different challenges and needs to be addressed.
    5. Business analysis methodologies: The business analyst has to be familiar with various methodologies, like Six Sigma, rational unified process, or agile business analysis.
  2. Opt for a business analyst course and certification: You can opt for business analyst certification for beginners. The course can be taken either online or in person. The objective is to get a practical understanding from qualified professionals, to prepare you for the job. Certification provides an add-on benefit to your skill set and makes you more competitive.
  3. Consider a degree: You should consider getting a bachelor’s or master’s degree because most of employers prefer candidates who have earned degrees in business analytics or any other quantitative fields like statistics, finance, economics, computer science, data science, or similar fields.
  4. Begin with an entry-level position: Apply for an internship or an entry-level position in finance, accounting, or related areas, to get experience and advance in the career path.

Business Analyst salary

The expected business analyst salary, according to Glassdoor in December 2021 was USD 77,218. The business analyst salary can vary depending on the experience, company, or location.

Job outlook for Business analyst

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for business analysts is projected to increase from 7% to 25% from 2020 to 2030.

Why Envision Learning Academy is the right choice for Business Analyst Course and Certification?

Envision Learning Academy offers both business analyst course and business analyst certification. We have specially designed business analyst course for beginners to provide hands-on experience to the learners so that they are able to use actual tools utilized within multiple industries. We provide certified business analysis professional course to the aspirants.

We also have a facility for business analyst training and placement. The other courses offered by our academy are data analyst certification course, test automation course, Scrum master certification, PMP exam training, complete QA training, and many more.
We focus on business analyst course with placement so that learners can get maximum benefit after getting trained from our academy.
For more details, you can contact us at our email contact@envisionlearning.ca or call at 647-642-7595


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