Resume Building and Skills Development

Software Testing providing information about the quality of product .It rather checks whether the product meets the requirements that lead to its design and satisfaction of the needs of Stakeholders. Evaluation of an attribute is very important before it is launched into the market. The course- ware is divided into teaching the basic concepts of software testing and then covering practical software testing with approach of writing testcases, reporting bugs, regression testing and test planning.Looking at the global technological trends in software testing, the current market opportunities for Indian and offshore testing companies are on a rise.

Course Content

Enterprise Structure & Personnel Structure

  1. Enterprise Structure
  2. Client, Company, Company Code, Personnel Area, Personnel Subarea and Organizational Key
  3. Personnel Structure.
  4. Employee Group, Employee Subgroup and Payroll Area

Organizational Management

  • Overview of Organizational Management module
  • Organization Plan and Plan Versions
  • Creation of Organizational Unit (Department, Job, Position etc.)
  • Assignment of Cost Centre
  • Normal view of Organization Structure
  • Graphical view of Organization Structure
  • Difference – Expert Mode & Simple Maintenance
  • Relationships between various organizational units
  • Difference – Relationship & Evaluation Path
  • Integration between Organizational Management and Personnel Administration

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